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America's swim instructor. That is how the Y is recognized for its pioneering work in the field of swimming. Home to the world's first filtered pool, and more importantly, the first group Swim Lessons, the Y has a long history and excellent reputation of teaching people how to swim.

Participants are grouped together based on their age and ability level.  The Y offers both group lessons and private lessons.


Parent/Child (6-36 months)

This fun, water orientation class is designed for children 6-36 months. Parents are taught helpful ways to practice movements in the water with their children along with safety information and activities for development.

Preschool (ages 3-5)

The preschool classes offer progressive swim lessons. The lessons start with basic swimming skills and work toward the development of breath control and longer distance swimming.

Youth (ages 6-14)

Participants are divided into six levels of skill progression while developing greater swimming ability.


Participants are grouped with peers of similar ability while working on improving their swimming skills.

Group Swimming Lesson Fees: ( 8 lessons)

Member: $60

Program Participant: $105

Private Lessons (one-on-one)

Private swimming lessons are a great opportunity to learn to swim from a skilled teacher on a one-on-one basis. Lessons are available for all ages at all levels. 

Private Lesson Fees: Six, 30 minute Sessions

Member: $180

Program Participant: $300

Family Swim Lessons: Four, 45 minute Sessions

Member: $99/ session

Program Participant: $126/ session

Price includes a family of 4; $20/ person for additional family members 

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