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ExxonMobil YMCA Community Outreach Retiree Alliance 

EMYCORA is a group of ExxonMobil retirees who came together with the idea to help, serve and connect with the community, City, State and beyond. EMYCORA's goal is to provide potential candidates with information, instruction and direction needed to acquire employment in a variety of industrial positions. EMYCORA will provide the potential candidates with information, mentoring, coaching and counseling, which will assist the potential candidate in maintaining and sustaining the position. 


EMYCORA is connected and sponsoring several organizations which will also assist the potential candidates:

BRCC (Baton Rouge Community College)
The NBRTI (North Baton Rouge Industrial Training Initiative)
     To learn more about NBRTI click here
Knock Knock Children's Museum 
Turner Industries
ExxonMobil YMCA
Foundation for EBR School System (STEM Program)
BREC Summer STEM Camps
Scotlandville Pre-Engineering Magnet Middle Academy (STEM Program and Underwater Robotics Students) 


Our mission is to mentor, educate and instruct individuals to place them in a viable position to be employed and become an economic resource to the community. Meetings will be held every third Monday of the month at the ExxonMobil YMCA. For more information please contact Larry Galloway via email at lgalloway2@cox.net or by phone at 225-252-5624 or contact the ExxonMobil YMCA at 225-906-5424.


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