YMCA soccer leagues offer a safe and productive environment for your child to learn the fundamentals of soccer as well as the importance of teamwork.  Children will have an opportunity to play the game from different positions during the course of the season.  Equal playing time, sportsmanship, and fun are emphasized.  A good pair of athletics shoes or cleats and shin guards are required.

Locations Available

¨ A.C. Lewis YMCA (Indoor and outdoor Soccer)

¨ Baranco Clark YMCA (Indoor and Outdoor Soccer) 

¨ C.B. Pennington Jr. YMCA (Outdoor Soccer)

¨ Paula G. Manship YMCA (Outdoor Soccer Clinics) 

¨ Southside YMCA (Outdoor Soccer)



Registration for the fall outdoor soccer league is July 15 - August 15

Age Groups

This sport is for boys and girls as young as 3 years old up to 12 years of age.  The children are grouped together in divisions that are broken down into 2-year increments.  Age limits may vary by branch, so check with your local YMCA for league details.


Games are held on Saturdays for length of eight weeks.  Teams will play a minimum of seven games barring an excessive number of rain-outs.  Games that are rained-out will be made up during the week nights and the weekends.  Games are hosted at YMCA fields, local school fields, and church fields.


Practices are usually held a minimum of once per week up to a maximum of twice per week.  Practices are often scheduled to begin after 5:00 p.m. at local school fields, church fields, and YMCA fields.  Practice times and locations are not guaranteed.


We are always looking for energetic moms and dads to be volunteer coaches and help the Y develop healthy confident youth. Please inform the program director if you wish to be a volunteer coach.

































A.C. Lewis YMCA

Americana YMCA

Baranco Clark YMCA

C.B. Pennington Jr. YMCA

Dow Westside YMCA

ExxonMobil YMCA

Paula G. Manship YMCA

Southside YMCA


Sports Contacts

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