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We are in a place where learning is ever changing, where knowledge pushes us in unconventional and unexpected directions. YMCA University begins each summer the same way, dedicated to enrich the highest levels of physical wellness, team building, and extracurricular.

Whether your talents are swimming, arts and crafts, games, field trips, or more. YMCA University is a place to find your truest calling and reach your highest potential.     


7 a.m. to 6 p.m.


4 to 16 years


Registration Fee: Registration Deadline is May 8 ($30 late fee after May 8th)

Member: $20             Program Participant: $30

(One time fee for day camp participants)

Weekly Camp Fees:

Member: $99            Program Participant: $140


To complete registration, the following must be provided to the Y

Registration form, fully completed

  1. Copy of current immunization records
  2. Proof of purchase in a Pre-K or Kindergarten program for children ages 4 and 5
  3. Payment of registration fee
  4. Full payment for first week of camp
  5. Payment of deposits for weeks to be reserved


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Why YMCA Summer Camps?

As part of the Y’s commitment to strengthening community by nurturing the potential of youth, YMCA camp programs offer a fun and unique experience that gives children and teens the opportunity to discover their full potential, meet new friends, play and create memories that last a lifetime, all while becoming part of a community.

While summer should be a time of exploration, youth are sometimes less involved in activities that stimulate their mind and body. Camp gives children and teens the opportunity to get outdoors and learn about nature, discover new interests, be more physically active, and develop confidence, independence, leadership and social skills.

Nationally, the Y has been a leader in providing summer camp for more than 125 years. The YMCA Summer Camp continues to give youth an enriching, safe experience with caring staff and volunteers who model positive values that help build their kids’ character.

The Y encourages parents to give their child(ren) the experience of camp to help keep them healthy and engaged during the summer. And, to ensure that all kids have this opportunity, the YMCA of the Capital Area has financial assistance programs/offers scholarships to help parents in need send their child to camp.

YMCA Camping Facts

The Y is one of the largest providers of camp programs. There are over 1,920 day camps across the country, 335 resident camps for youth and teens and 902 specialty camp programs that meet the diverse needs of children and teens, such as youth with disabilities and illnesses.

Ys nationwide serve 800,000 kids and adults through summer day and resident camp programs. In addition more than 350,000 youth, teens, families, school and retreat groups are served each year with group camping overnight programs.

The Y gives youth early work experience, employing 61,000 college-aged young adults as summer resident camp leaders each year.

Tens of thousands of teens are annually enrolled in “Leader in Training” and “Counselor in Training” every summer at YMCA day and resident camps.

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